About US

Siem Reap Shared Tours is sister to Sightseeing Cambodia created in  2020 aims to provide daily join in small group tour to Angkor Temples, Phnom Kulen National Park and Tonle Sap Lake leaded by the experienced English tour guide with a license.

The Team

We commit to offer our foreigner customers outstanding service at an affordable price without hiding rate in order to take them to discover their dream destination. We always listen and be ready to customize the best tour itinerary to suit the traveller’s requirements. Please feel free to contact our local tour operator if you need any further information. Thank you indeed.

Mr. Raksa

Managing Director


Senior Travel Consultant & Company Advisor

Sok Phat

Tour Operator

Van Sochiittra

Graphic Designer

Sous Raman

Tour Coordinator


Tour Guide


Tour Guide

My name is Mr Raksa. I’m a founder and managing director at the Sightseeing Cambodia Tour & Travel. I’m a young Cambodian entrepreneur with an inspiring life story. I was born at a rural village that’s about 55 km away from Siem Reap. I was sent to live with my uncle to get Khmer and English studies when I was 7 years old. In the eleven-year period that I’ve worked for the tourism field, I’ve learnt and deeply understand the requirement of the travellers. So I decided to operate a tour agency with my best friends in order to create jobs for local guides and others.

My name is Mr Sok Phat. I used to work as a tourist tour guide from 2007 to 2014 and I am now working at Sightseeing Cambodia Tour & Travel as a tour operator. I really appreciate my career because it has taught me a lot about how to serve people the best. I deeply understand what our guests like to do the most and how to make their trip full of memorable experiences. I am able to customize a great tour schedule regarding our customer’s requirements. Please feel contact ask me or my colleague if you have any questions about Cambodia’s trip.

I have worked as an official and experienced English speaking tour guide in Cambodia since 2008 and now I am a co-founder and a tour coordinator at Sightseeing Cambodia. I really appreciate my job because it could give me an opportunity to make a great conversation and connection with many foreigner tourists around the world. I guarantee that I am always available to solve all problem you have during your holiday with our teammates within 24hours. Book a private or shared tour with Sightseeing Cambodia, your trip will be completely ended with memorable experienced.

My name is Van Sochittra. I am a tour coordinator and web developer at Sightseeing Cambodia Tour & Travel. I had worked as a tour operator and tour coordinator at another tour company for six years. I have learned so much from my career. That’s why I still like working in tourism. I never tired of taking my customers and I am always ready to solve all the customer’s problem within 24 hours. I am pretty sure that I can be your best tour assistance for your forthcoming trip with your best friends and beautiful family to my country. I look forward to seeing you soon here!

My name is Baley. I’m one of Cambodia official tour guides and I have been working at the Sightseeing in Cambodia Travel since 2011. I love working as a tourist tour guide because I can tell foreigner visitors about our rich history and culture and civilization and this career could make me and my customers happy and excited to see the impressive treasure of Angkor. So based on my job experiences over ten years, I am pretty sure that I am able to show you all the spectacular temples of Angkor with a beautiful and specific background. Look forward to seeing you!

My name is Mr. Yong. I am an English speaking tour guide with a license. I’ve been working for tourism since 2010. I started my career at the Sightseeing Cambodia Travel & Tour in 2013. I always love to share with my customers the useful information, the history of Cambodia & Angkor, culture and tradition. You will not have any problem with our communication since I have worked with foreigner tourist for many years. If you are looking for a wonderful travel experience, Please don’t allow me to be your local guide for your forthcoming trip.